Our Tree Nursery has been serving the community by growing and selling locally Eco Sourced Native Trees and Plants for almost 25 years.

Established in 1997, we collect seed from natural areas around Waiheke Island, propagate them and sell to the public.

We have an Ecologist available to help with your Revegetation Projects, Resource Consents, and Home Gardens. We are local Specialists in Coastal Revegetations, significant Waterways and Wetland Areas.

Our Plants are generally grown at Pb3 Revegetation Grade, and Pb8/Pb18 Landscaper Grades. We also grow some larger sizes, up to Pb95 (60Ltr), and given ample time we can grow most local species to order.

Wholesale Prices start from just $4.80+GST.

We are also interested in passing on our knowledge so please get in touch if you would like to bring in a small group of people to learn about basic cultivation techniques, and the importance of ecology. For school groups etc.. we are happy to do it for free, for other groups we can work out a fee you can afford.